Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Which language(s) do you speak?

German, English and Spanish.

How does your technique differ from others?

We at Korperfruhling try our best to find and understand the source of your discomfort and facilitate healing. Our unique way of treatment has proven successful numerous times.

Do I have to undress completely?

No, there is no need to undress. As no oil or potions are used; you can keep your comfortable clothing on. If you consider it helpful to understand your conditions – for example scars et cetera - you can show us the concerned affected areas.

How many appointments do I need to get rid of my pain?

That is hard to tell in advance. Some discomforts might not be solved at all; many others quite fast. Contact us and please address your concerns frankly.

Do you also treat children?

Yes, we do treat children as soon as they can understand and follow our instructions (e.g., lie and stay on your back). Of course you are always invited to accompany the treatment session.

My child is quite lively, would you still treat it?

Yes, we have treatment especially addressing very lively children – including ADHD. Our experience shows that the treatment usually eases the tension and calms the concerned child, making life easier for you.

What is the cost of canceling an appointment or not showing up?

Up to 2 two days in advance, you can cancel an appointment at no cost. A cancellation fee of 50% of the treatment will be applied the last two days prior to the appointment or upon no-show.

Can I bring my child along to my treatment?

Sure, your child is welcome and can stay with us during treatment to read, draw or play.

Can I be present while you treat my child?

Of course – we have very comfortable facilities to make your stay pleasant.

When you treat my menstrual cramps, do I need to have my monthlies?

No, the treatment can take place at any time. A treatment requires 30 minutes at the most.

I am allergic: washing detergent, fur, perfume, dust – how safe are your premises?

We at Korperfruhling try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We have warm rinsing for our laundry to reduce washing agent residuals. We also act against dust and possible animal hair on a daily basis. If you have other allergies, please indicate your concern when you call or visit us.

Do you also sell gift certificates?

Yes, please contact us.

Do you treat handicapped clients or clients in wheel chairs?

Yes, of course. There is one single step in at our entrance; apart from that we are handicapped accessible. Please contact us in time so we can provide assistance for the single step. Our experience so far regarding paraplegia has been positive. Paraplegia is irreversible but the pain caused by tension is clearly reduced by our treatment, therefore improving the coenesthesia perception of your body. Our sanitary facilities are not handicapped accessible.

Can I pay by card or cash only?

We do accept valid cards issued in your name (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Are there appointments on weekends or public holidays available?

Yes, at a 25% surcharge.

Do you speak english?

Yes, we do.

Habla usted español?

Si hablamos tabien el español.

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