Taking time for you.

Waiting Room

You can help yourself to a little refreshment once you arrive. This gives you time to relax. We do our best to adhere to the appointments. This enables us to reduce the waiting times of our clients to a minimum. If you are late for your appointment, no subsequent client should suffer any disadvantage. If our schedule is threatened to be compromised by your late arrival, we reserve the right to shorten your appointment at full cost. This lets us ensure that we can treat all our clients with due respect and punctuality. Thank you for your understanding.

Shake Hand

An exemplary appointment starts with a warm reception and you telling us what brought you to us. We will take notes. Wearing comfortable clothes and no shoes, you lie down on your back on our comfortable therapy bed covered by fresh linen. If you have concerns about lying on your back, please point this out prior to the treatment (e.g., pregnancy, back pain, etc.). If any questions arise please feel free to ask at any time.

Individual treatment

We take time to understand your ailment.

We administer individual treatment by gently touching or gently pressing through your clothes. Typically various spots are touched and slightly pressed on your hands, arms, shoulders, torso, legs, feet. Usually clients feel nothing at all or at most a slight tension that fades quickly. After treatment the touched spots are less sensitive to pressure than before. This is a fundamental part of the treatment. In the end your body will feel less tension and your ailments will be reduced.

Tension is reduced; your discomfort is noticeably ameliorated. At Korperfruhling we treat our clients with advanced techniques that we have evolved from multiple established methods. The treatment itself is administered directly with hands on your body, not necessarily on the region of pain. The treatment aims at supporting the body to find its own inner balance.* Tension and resulting pain are reduced noticeably. This is not a mere massage. During the treatment you may remain in comfortable clothes; no oil or other potion is used. Your body will be touched softly in different areas (the technique is noninvasive).

* If you are in serious condition, please seek medical advice with the physician of your choice first.

If there is tension in the respective spot, you might notice a slight pinching reaction in that area due to the treatment. This pinching sensation will fade away already during treatment.* As a result, your body will feel more relaxed and its range of movement and flexibility is will be increased. If you suffer from physical injuries with irreversible damage, we try to alleviate the accompanying discomforts. A thorough interview is included in the treatment on your first visit to give us an insight into your condition.

* If you use blood-thinning medication please indicate that clearly before the treatment starts.
Contact us for an appointment!

Phone: 01/ 919 57 30

Cell-Phone: 0676/ 910 3 901

Standardized treatments

The standardized treatment is administered based on the booked treatment and/or length. After the treatment you have time to get centered and drink some water while we prepare the bill.

Khai Loa 50min

Hawaiian healing massage

Kahi Loa is a Hawaiian healing massage were the skin is touched and swept head to toe in seven different ways reflecting the natural flow of elements upon which the indigenous Hawaiian tradition is based.

Singing Bowls 50min

Float in a sea of sound generated by Nepalese singing bowls.

The vibration of the bowls on and around your body lets all the fluids in your body vibrate simultaneously. A deep relaxation and inner peace sets in as a result of the treatment. The singing bowls are each tuned to a different octave relation of the frequency band of the planets of our solar system. Detailed information can be found in Hans Cousto's book “The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony”.

Podo-orthesic insoles (podo insoles)

We measure you for your individual podo insoles, which are then ordered from a well-known manufacturer in Germany. The price includes original measuring and a pair of insoles in leather; other materials, sport insoles, and insoles for diabetic feet may vary in time, effort and therefore price.

Podo insoles checkup

Every half year or when unwanted tension develops in the body, the insoles need to be checked and eventually adapted to altered postures. The price includes follow-up measurement and eventually possible modification of your insoles in leather.

Menstrual discomfort

Our elaborate method finds and relieves tension in the lower abdomen causing menstrual stress. The treatment is non-invasive. Maximum treatment time is 25 minutes per session.

Not covered by health insurance – private clients only. Cash- and credit-cards welcome. A 25% surcharge applies on weekends and holidays.
Appointments only.